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What is GTO?

Green Technology Oil is a plant based super oil enhancer formulated to liberate your engine from petroleum based lubrication products in a gradual manner in order to lower its carbon footprints. It is organic, natural, non-toxic and not synthetic. It is known as the best Lubrication Solution. It is an Alternative Engine Maintenance Solution intended to liberate your engine from petroleum-based lubrication products in a gradual manner in order to lower its carbon footprints.

GTO Classic

It is an Alternative Engine Maintenance Solution intended to liberate your engine from petroleum-based lubrication products in a gradual manner in order to lower its carbon footprints.

GTO Extra Teriffic

We had to come up with something that could do both and bring the emissions down further as well as clean more strongly at the same time. Then we reformulated GTO-Alien down to the level where it would not only be used for the industrial grade engines or heavy machinery. It's something in between that can also be used for new cars and newly overhauled engines.


For severe engine use like racing, long distance hard driving, heavy loaded vehicles, on and off traffic use, off road, utility and commercial usage and other Heavy duty use and abused engines due for overhaul.

Benefits of Green Technology Oil:

  • Cut of 50% or more of your change oil expenses.
  • No More Change Oil.
  • INo More Change of Oil Filter.
  • 300-450% Savings in preventive maintenance cost.
  • Increase Torque and Horsepower.
  • 30-50% Increase in Performance Mileage.
  • Ultra Low Emission or Zero Emission Possible.


GTO Unlimited Pay Plan System

An innovative and rewarding opportunity that puts unlimited earning potential right at your fingertips. Our dynamic compensation plan is designed to empower you with multiple streams of income, ensuring your financial success as you embark on this exciting journey.

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Join the Green Revolution!

Take a proactive step towards a sustainable future by embracing Green Technology Oil (GTO). Say goodbye to petroleum-based lubricants and hello to a cleaner, greener alternative. Join our program today and become a part of the movement to liberate engines from carbon footprints. Together, we can drive change, one engine at a time. Experience the power of eco-friendly performance with GTO – the best Lubrication Solution for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow. Act now and be a driving force for positive change!

Green Technology Oil (GTO): Redefining Performance, Reshaping the Future. Make the Switch, Drive the Change!

GTO-Karis International Inc.

Our Mission & Vision


At GTO, our mission is to provide the automotive industry with a cutting-edge alternative to traditional petroleum-based lubrication. Green Technology Oil, our plant-based super oil enhancer, is formulated to gradually free engines from their reliance on conventional products, reducing carbon footprints and environmental impact. Committed to organic, natural, and non-toxic solutions, we aim to be the go-to Lubrication Solution, offering a superior alternative for engine maintenance. Through innovation and sustainability, we empower individuals and industries to make a positive impact on the planet, one engine at a time.


At Green Technology Oil (GTO), we envision a future where sustainable and responsible choices drive the automotive industry. Our vision is to lead the way in revolutionizing engine lubrication through plant-based super oils, liberating engines from petroleum dependency. We strive for a world where environmental consciousness and high-performance can coexist, contributing to a greener and cleaner tomorrow.

GTO-Karis International Inc.

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